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How an Auto Wrecker Can Help You

My name is Dylan and this is my new blog. I live in Alice Springs, Australia and in this blog, I want to discuss the various benefits of using an auto wrecker. It was only when my old car finally reached the end of its life that I suddenly realised that I had no idea how to dispose of it. Thankfully, my brother suggested a great auto wrecking yard who were willing to pick up the car and take it away. They even gave me a little bit of money for the parts they stripped from the car. I learnt a lot about auto wrecking so I decided to started this blog.

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3 Ways You Can Supplement Your Wrecker Service with Volvo Auto Parts

If you own a small wrecking service, you know that there are times that may not be as financial stable as others. During these downtimes, you may be looking for ways to help supplement the income of the service. One way to do that is by pulling Volvo auto parts. Here are three ways you can supplement your wrecker service with Volvo auto parts and what you need to know about each method. These methods assume that you have the clear title to the vehicle and can make all choices governing the vehicle.

Scrap and Pull

One of the first things you can do to supplement your auto wrecking service is to use a method of scraping and pulling. What this refers to is pulling parts from the Volvo, or other car, that are still in working order. The rest of the car can be scrapped through a scrap metal buyer. This results in you having Volvo parts that can be cleaned and resold either through you directly or online. You will also have the supplemental income of the scrap metal sale from the car. Keep in mind, any Volvo part that is in good or like new condition, including non-mechanical parts, can be resold.

Buy and Flip

There are some cases where the car is wrecked beyond what the owner would like to deal with. They may be receiving a settlement from the auto insurance company covering a new car as well. If this is the case, you could make the offer to buy the car and flip it. If you have already been taking in Volvo auto parts, as well as other parts, you would be able to use those parts to rebuild the car and resell it at a higher price. This can greatly supplement your wrecking service income during slower times.

Part Hunting

One way that many wrecking services supplement their income is through part hunting. This refers to doing some research on Volvo auto parts and determining which parts are hard to find and yeild the most profit for you. Taking that information, you begin to look for those parts and pulling them for your inventory. If you do auto repairs, you may want to keep a few of these parts on hand, but sell the others for a profit.

This can be done with other high end branded auto parts as well. This includes SAAB auto parts if you have SAAB wreckers in your service. If you think one or all of these methods may work for you, begin collecting the parts and start your side income.